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Financial support of the work and mission of All Saints' Episcopal Church is part of the Christian life. The Church is not endowed. The operation of the parish depends solely upon the pledged tithes and offerings of the faithful. We ask people to prayerfully fill out a pledge card each year so that the Church can estimate its budget for its fiscal year. This Church considers itself fiscally responsible by not running deficit budgets.

Memorial Funds provide opportunities for people to make contributions to the Church in memory of a departed loved one. Unlike operating monies used to pay salaries and utilities. Memorial Funds are spent on making the Church more beautiful and enhancing worship. Acknowledgement are always sent to family members of the deceased noting that a gift was given, and by whom (amounts are never mentioned).

Angel Statue

Benevolence Funds are for those ministries not otherwise covered by All Saints' operating budget. Clergy often use these funds for grants to people in need, emergency assistance, and special ministries that would not otherwise be able to be performed.  Contributions to the Benevolence Fund, like all contributions is tax deductible, and will be used in service to the Lord.

Building Funds have been established to raise money for specific projects that will add to the enjoyment and functionality of the facility. Three funds are currently in process for carpeting, lighting, and the Church grounds and gardens.

Building Plans