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  • Biblically Based
    At All Saints, we are first and foremost biblical Christians. We believe the canonical scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the “Word of God.” Further, we believe that all Scripture points to Christ and contains “all things necessary to salvation.” For this reason, we strive not only to submit ourselves to Scripture but also to allow it to saturate our lives as we “hear, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest” its wisdom and teachings.
  • Ancient Liturgy
    At All Saints, our worship includes many elements: praise, prayer, preaching, Scripture, and the celebration of Holy Communion; and many actions: sitting, standing, kneeling, singing. Our worship follows an liturgical tradition handed down from the days of the apostles and embodied in the Book of Common Prayer. It is both ancient and new, corporate and personal, and reverent and heartfelt.
  • Universally Catholic
    At All Saints, we believe, "Jesus is Lord!" as proclaimed by the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.” By "catholic," we mean universal and undivided. By "apostolic," we mean we embrace and confess the teaching and creeds of the ancient church. In our apostolic succession from John and Peter, we retain the threefold order of ordained offices. We joyfully celebrate our unity with "all the saints" throughout the historic Church and with all faithful Christians throughout the world.
  • Apostolically Evangelical
    The word “evangelical” carries a wide-variety of meanings for people today, but its most basic definition is simply, “gospel-centered message.” The gospel as handed down to us by the Apostles. It is this gospel of God's grace we are seeking to bring to all people. Our goal is to unite all people to God the Father, through the work of His Son, by the gift of the Holy Spirit. And that is precisely what we at All Saints strive to be: a people whose lives are centered on the good news of the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Meet The Team
Bishop Ryan Reed_edited.jpg

The Rt. Rev. Ryan Reed

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Fourth Bishop of the Diocese of

Fort Worth, Texas


Fr. Darryl Pigéon

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Rector of All Saints. Heart for preaching, teaching and worship.


Fr. Zeke Rogers

Associate Rector of All Saints. Heart for pastoral care and worship.


Kathy Kelly

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Senior Warden

Senior Warden is a source of leadership support in parish life.

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George Ferguson

Junior Warden

Guardian and steward of God's physical plant resources..

Dennis Ward_edited.jpg

Dennis Ward

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The position of Church Treasurer is a Ministry of Funds.

Cynthia walking_edited.jpg

Cynthia Pigéon

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Family Life Ministries

Developing ministries to serve youth and families in Christ.

Steeple Cross_edited.jpg

Prayer Team

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Prayer Ministry

Prayer is powerful. It is a privilege to watch God answer our requests.

Praying Hands_edited.jpg

M&O Team

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Missions & Outreach

The hands and feet of Christ in our community, continent, and the world.

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