Register your Little One for the Daily Fun of VBS!

Every athlete loves to win! At HEART of a CHAMPION Sports and Faith VBS Camp, children will discover how to be champions - both in sports and in their faith. They’ll enjoy action-packed fun that introduces them to their true Champion - Jesus!​

Tuesday, JUNE 21 - Friday, JUNE 24, 2022

9:00 am - 12:00 Noon

5001 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107​

Tuesday: Race Day

Race Day is filled with relays, foot races, and a Mini Grand Prix. Paul talks about not running the Christian race aimlessly but with the purpose of winning!

Wednesday: Pass It On! Soccer Day

Soccer Day is all about teamwork, and so is the Christian faith and ministry. With a 6 ft soccer ball, we will need to coordinate our efforts or be bowled over!


Thursday: Obstacle Jump Day

Zacchaeus overcomes obstacles to get to Jesus. And as true little Texans, we will practice overcoming obstacles by making hobby horses and riding them, through a Horsey Obstacle Course, and racing them around some barrels.


Friday: Olympic Coliseum Day

The Olympics are all about running, jumping, throwing, and awards. Time trials will be taken as our mini athletes compete against the clock to secure the fastest bounce house run. Parents and Grandparents will be invited to a slideshow/awards ceremony at 11:00 am, and show off their athletic ability in the bounce house run.